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About Us
Company Background

Company Background and Significant Milestones


Commenced import of cosmetic, skin care and other consumer products for distribution in various channels under "Karmarts" trademark, and concurrently operated automobile and NGV businesses which were launched in previous years


Achieved annual sales growth exceeding 100% in "Karmarts" cosmetic business


Officially updated company's name from Distar Electric Corporation Public Company Limited to Karmarts Public Company Limited with the Stock Exchange of Thailand


Strategized manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic, skin care and consumer products as primary business


Expanded distribution channels and ventured into export markets with Asian countries as key focus


Enhanced overseas distribution through strategic alliances with high potential business partners; Commenced product Research and Development under "JKOS Laboratory Company Limited" which focuses on manufacturing of cosmetic, perfume, beauty appliances and accessories; Embarked real estate business with "The Iconic Property Company Limited" as an alternative to the company's investment portfolio


Established joint venture with Karmarts Vietnam Company Limited as part of key expansion plan


On 20 January 2016, the Company paid for an investment in Karmarts Vietnam Company Limited, registered and established in Vietnam, in a total of USD 98,000 or approximately Baht 3.56 million. As a result, the Company holds 49% of the issued and paid-up shares of USD 200,000 in this company. The Company has recorded the investments in this company as investments in joint venture since the investment date. This company's operation period is 50 years, starting from the date of incorporation, 9 October 2015.