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Company Business
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Karmarts sees the importance of matching product distribution across all trade channels with consumers behavioral needs to effect an increase in product value (Value-added services), improvement of distribution networks potential (Place utility) and enhancement of time advantage (Time utility) in order to deliver consumer satisfaction meet consumer demand at the right place and time.

At present, Karmarts has 5 contribution channels including Karmarts Shop, Traditional Trade, Modern Trade, Export and Online.

1. Karmarts Shop Channel

The retail shop or beauty convenience store operating under a multi-branded concept looks forward to become the center of a Beauty Empire, comprising all brands and products of Karmarts in one store (One-Stop Service) packaged with a shocking pink decoration theme portraying any girls dream magical dressing room.

Karmarts shop is an integral part to continuous enhancement of brand awareness and product accessibility. This key channel enables Karmarts to constantly reach out to consumer needs and wants and adapt strategy to boost brand loyalty, of which the continuous creation of promotional activities for Karmarts Shop members is critical.

Karmarts shops operate under a franchise system whereby complete and all-encompassing management and operating systems are provided for entrepreneurs. Beyond that, the company also supports the monthly promotional activity of Karmarts shops. Every franchise store implements a standard Point-of-Sale (POS) system linked to Karmarts Headquarters Office in terms of data feeding and analysis, and also integrate promotional information and membership data at the central point. Individually supported by the expert management team of Karmarts Shop distribution channel, operating sales officers are available to offer technical shop management in line with the companys standard module.

2. Traditional Trade Channel

Though the modern trade channels are expanding steadily, the traditional trade channel still accounts as the key sale revenue of the company, with Karmarts dealers extensively covering all retailers nationwide.

Date from the past year shows that traditional trade has seen an increase of 500 accounts nationwide. The two main subdivisions of this channel are retailers and wholesalers who distribute products to consumers quickly and conveniently.

  • Retailers comprises of cosmetic shop retailers, local supermarket stores, local convenient stores, local drug stores and so on.
  • Wholesalers comprises of cosmetic shop wholesalers, big local consumer goods stores and so on.

3. Modern Trade Channel

2014 witnessed the continual expansion in the network of modern trade channels. Significant accounts include Boots Retail (Thailand) Company Limited (Boots), AEON (Thailand) Company Limited (Max Valu) and Robinson Department Store Public Company Limited. The growth gave rise to a change in product layout from wall shelf to standee shelf which is designed to improve the visibility and accessibility of products, thus enhancing brand impact among consumers.

Existing key accounts among Modern Trade channels in 2014:

  • Convenience Store:
    Offering a myriad of various strong brands in the market, most convenience stores open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week i.e. 7-11, Family Mart, Jiffy, BigC Mini, Lotus Express, Pure, Tops Daily and Lawson 108, etc.
  • Supermarket/ Hypermarket and Discount Store:
    Large retail markets that sell food and other household goods and usually operate on a self-service basis i.e. Tops Market, Home Fresh Mart, Gourmet Market, Food Hall, Max Valu, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Mega Market, Makro, Beautrium, EVEANDBOY, Stakdust and Beauty Market etc.
  • Specialty Store:
    Featuring a great selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly services and trendy fashionable products i.e. Watsons, Boots, Tsuruha, Ogenki, B2S, Be Trend and Loft etc.
  • Catalogs
    Direct marketing mechanisms i.e. as Friday Catalog, 7-Catalog, Wear you want and TV Direct etc.

4. Export Channel

To facilitate continuous growth, Karmarts strives to distribute our brands to various Asian countries; we study and research international markets earnestly and formulate customized marketing strategies with business partners through Exclusive Distributorship, Distributorship and Joint Ventures. Currently, the company exports to 7 countries i.e. Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Laos and Indonesia. Notably, China and Vietnam operations take the form of Joint Venture investment.

5. Online Channel

Social Media is an important transition tool to empower consumers to infiltrate the internet and tap on vast product information, thus enabling them to shop with the greatest convenience anytime and anywhere. E-commerce is the alternative purchase mode that best matches lifestyles of modern trendy consumers. Also, it is an exceptionally effective channel to build individualised relationships with customers to enhance brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Karmarts products are now leveraging on two e-commerce channels, individually operated by our team as well as other partners.