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Working towards the vision of becoming a leading cosmetic brand that fulfills all beauty needs of modern consumers, young and mature, KARMART is constantly driven to invent unique and outstanding products to meet needs of various target markets and be the ultimate provider of “Unique Beauty Solution” to all.

Product Characteristics

KARMART has a vast collection of more than 1,000 beauty products from our house brands deliberated below:

1. Cathy Doll: Just play it!

“Cathy Doll” is a vibrant brand that revolutionizes cosmetic industry with its huge variety of trending beauty products that fulfill a vast spectrum of different and unique beauty needs and preferences. Innovative products marketed under this brand bring to the market maximum fun and enjoyment with vivacious beauty products that offer all-rounded beauty from head to toe. A leader of trendsetting innovation, the brand is well-suited for modern girls who pursue chic and edgy look, receive beauty trends with intense positivity and an open heart, are naughty yet adorable and charming, with a playful personality just like Cathy Doll who motivates all girls to reveal their profound beauty with confidence. Cathy Doll offers a wide range of product choices as follows:

  • Facial Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Makeup
  • Intimate Care
  • Beauty Accessories

2. Cathy Choo: Boutique fusion spa

A fusion spa product line crafted out of impressive journeys to the east, west and various parts of the world coupled with the perfect blend of Thai spa and natural scents from spices, herbs, florals, woods and fruits to create a miraculous fusion that cannot be found elsewhere. This brand caters to one’s beauty needs and offers the benefits of emotional therapy through relaxation delivered by spa products which elegantly reflect rich spa cultures around the world. Suitable for delicate ladies who fancy floral and herbal fragrances, the brand also features sophisticated packaging that provides luxurious visual sensation wherever the products may be placed. Cathy Choo offers product choice as follows:

  • Body Care

3. Baby Bright: Gift from nature

Originating from the pure natural powers from Jeju Island which make up the origin of miraculously good skin, Baby Bright is a modern icon representing the beauty gifts nature can ever offer for one’s skin. The brand takes inspiration from the wide variety of nourishing plants available in nature and delivers an innovative skin care line. A valuable gift that helps pamper and nourish the skin through the combination of beauty secrets from nature, products marketed under this brand effectively revive skin’s glow to reveal supple and youthful appearance. All in all, this brand perfectly soothes the skin with in the most gentle and mild way possible and offers visible benefits to all skin types. Baby Bright offers a wide range of product choices as follows:

  • Facial Care
  • Body Care
  • Makeup
  • Hair Care
  • Intimate Care

4. Jejuvita: Beauty is yummy

Nutritious food generally tastes plain and this gave rise to the creation of dietary supplement products that are perfect in terms of both nutrition and taste - Jejuvita. Inspired by healthy beauties from Korea who not only look good, but feel good as well, Jejuvita offers a good variety of vitamins which are beneficial to the body and aims to deliver beauty from within. The brand comes with easy-to-take and on-the-go supplements to balance the nutritional needs of modern consumers and sets out to convince that beauty can certainly be yummy!

5. Reunrom: Everyday happiness

A lifestyle and spa series which was founded to preserve Thai heritage and local wisdom by combining ancient and modern Thai skin care methodologies with the use of Thai herbs, Reunrom bears close resemblance to ancient household remedies and comprises key ingredients to offer 4 types of happiness as follows:

  1. Happiness of consumers
    • With exquisite designs and visible benefits, Reunrom sets out to delight consumers and deliver happiness with every use of the products.
  2. Happiness in promoting Fair Price & Fair Trade
    • The happiness from contributing to Thai agriculturists, promoting quality ingredients from Thailand and creating employment for the community as well as happiness in distributing high quality products at reasonable price for all.
  3. Happiness in sharing and contributing to the society
    • As a socially responsible corporation, Reunrom is yet another addition to our efforts in contributing back to society through donations of portions of commercial profit to charitable organizations.
  4. Happiness in promoting Thai Tourism and culture
    • The happiness in promoting Thai tourism and culture through the creation of products that feature unique products and packaging inspired by ancient traditions. In addition, Reunrom scented products also depict trails of authentic Thai traditional fragrances and the brand provides outstanding adaptations of Thai cultures to create exceptional products in the following categories:
      • Facial Care
      • Body Care
      • Scented products

6. Crayon: Coloring your life

A professional makeup line offering immense varieties of colors, Crayon adds exclusive shine for every style. The brand is capable of transforming any plain Jane into chic and modern ladies in its most unique and professional way and with ease, allowing consumers to be confident in every way and offering perfection to everyone’s unique style. It comes with lively colors to add flavours to modern hectic (and sometimes monotonous) life. In this sense, Crayon is specially developed for ladies who wish to attain professional makeup looks and charm with minimum efforts. The brand offers product choice as follows:

  • Makeup

7. Oppa Style: Be a perfect man

Oppa Style is the brand that seeks to motivate all men to pursue beauty and groom with courage. To all those who wish to bring their styles and looks up to the next level, resembling Korean Oppas who are favoured by the female population, the brand allows you to achieve the perfect look in your unique style. Oppa Style offers a range of products that are developed to respond to all men’s needs from head to toe. With the brand’s special focus on modern men, it effectively transforms any male into the best version of yourself, enhanced with a touch of Korean Oppas from Gangnam. The brand offers product choice as follows:

  • Makeup

8. Boya: Professional Care

The next level of professional care, Boya is the brand that responds to all hair and body nourishment needs and create inspiration for consumers to showcase beauty with confidence. The brand is also known and accepted for its quality and visible results and is suitable for all genders and ages. Ingredients which go into every product are finely selected to specially cater to problems relating to hair, scalp and skin and nutrients are made available in concentrations that effectively nourish one’s body from head to toe. A professional enabler for healthy skin which enhances charisma, the brand offers product choices as follows:

  • Facial Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care

9. Nuna: Think of White Think of NUNA

A modern bible for luminous skin, Nuna is the brand everyone can turn to in order to achieve radiant skin that is flawless and beautiful. Offering facial and body care products inspired from the secrets of glowing skin alike Korean beauties, the brand builds upon natural ingredients to help revive any problem skin and achieve bright, glowing and youthful look from all dimensions. Be prepared to turn heads with your supple and brilliant skin as the brand provides undoubtedly fair skin.

In addition to the above-mentioned KARMART house brands, KARMART also manages the distribution of internationally renowned brands such as Missha, the No.1 cosmetic brand in Korea, so as to further enhance our product offering to consumers. World renowned as a leader in the beauty industry, Missha currently operates 40 branches worldwide and is acknowledged as “A brand known for quality first idea and its reasonable prices”.

Awards and Achievements from leading magazines

As a leading cosmetic brand in Thailand, KARMART has been honored by leading Thai and international beauty magazines in recognition of exceptional product quality as follows:

  1. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2014 – “Best Mask Under 50.-” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Sweety Recipe Mask”.
  2. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2014 – “Best Body Wash” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Tofu Body Bath Cleanser”.
  3. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2015 – “Best CC in a Budget” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream SPF50+ PA+++”.
  4. “Best Pressed Powder” Award by Lemonade Magazine from “Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder SPF40 PA+++”.
  5. Cosmo Kiss Beauty Award 2015 – “Best Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara” by Cosmopolitan (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Mademoisalle Mascara”.
  6. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2015 – “Best High Cover Brush” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Intensive Dual Coverage Brush”.
  7. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2015 – “Best Instant Whitening Cream” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Lotion”.
  8. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2015 – “Best Whitening Sunscreen” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream SPF50 PA+++”.
  9. Grand winner for “Packaging Award – Distribution Packaging Prize” by THAISTAR PACKAGING AWARDS 2015 from “Cathy Doll No.1 Frink Series”.
  10. Grand winner for “Packaging Award – Distribution Packaging Prize” by THAISTAR PACKAGING AWARDS 2015 from packaging of “KARMART Treasure Box”.
  11. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2016 – “Best Cushion” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control SPF50 PA+++”.
  12. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2016 – “Best Lips – Liquid Lips” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Cathy Doll Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte #03 Wine Orchid and #04 Red Rose”.
  13. Beauty Hall of Fame Award 2016 – “Best Eye – Eyeliner” by CLEO (Thailand) Magazine from “Crayon 8 Sec-To-Dry Gel Liner # 06 Strawberry”.
  14. Lemonade Reader Awards 2016 – “Best Facial Cleanser” by Lemonade Magazine from “Cathy Doll Ready 2 White 2in1 Bubble Mousse Cleanser”
  15. Lemonade Reader Awards 2016 – “Best Body Treatment” by Lemonade Magazine from “Cathy Doll Aloe Vera&Snail Serum Soothing Gel”