Future Projects

Here at KARMART, significant improvements in overall business operations were achieved in 2020, and they were only made possible because the company launched and executed innumerable strategic initiatives targeted at enhancing product development, expanding sales channels and improving brand awareness, etc.

In 2021, the company shall set out to achieve 4 milestones closely integrated with our mission of expanding domestically and internationally and continue to make outstanding steps towards our vision of becoming one of the world’s leading beauty providers.

The primary goal with regards to the consumer aspect is to secure KARMART’s leading market position and further increase market share with carefully planned marketing strategies. Customer relationship building will also remain as another key focus as we target to continuously capture new market segments.

  • Raise benchmark regarding selection of outsourced production facilities and ensure only the best quality ingredients are used to manufacture the best products to sustain credibility, confidence and trust among consumers.
  • Launch marketing events which focus on strengthening brand loyalty and providing customers with delightful experiences and further partake in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
  • Secure high value business partners to expand distribution and logistics networks extensively and further increase product accessibility to deliver greater convenience for consumers.
  • Advance standards of product quality and shelf life and standardize product label under governmental regulations to give greater security and ease for consumers, including improving effective delivery system to keep up with customers and markets demands nationwide.

In pursuit of our ambition to be the unique beauty solution provider for all, KARMART will continue to place strong emphasis on product research and development and expand our wide-ranging signature lines, including inventing distinctive products and concepts to fulfill the ever-changing needs of today’s modern consumers.

  • Create innovation

With utmost dedication to creativity and innovation, the Company opines that product innovation should not only deliver exciting user experiences for customers and should also come furnished with the highest product quality. Therefore, we will continue to strive for product superiority and bring to our customers the most revolutionary experiences along with highest quality assurance. Potential business partners along the innovation chain are constantly engaged with the Company to develop innovative products as well as create more opportunities and differentiation to match customer needs with reasonable prices.

  • Expand product line

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, surgical mask has become an essential tool for all, and this has indirectly led to a decline in other consumer products including makeup. Despite the forecast that consumer products are not likely to be drastically affected in the long run and will likely continue to achieve growth, the Company has since seized the opportunity to manufacture and add surgical masks to its product line to alleviate the risk and substitute the reduction of sales in beauty products.

  • Develop new brands

Fulfillment of customer needs through product diversity is the key element which drives the company. By expanding product variety without compromising the unique styles and concepts of existing products, KARMART shall further expand product lines by collaborating with renowned influencers and celebrities as well as developing more brands and concepts to reach new target consumers in order to secure all consumer groups.

  • Strengthen research and development

Through the strategic collaboration with JKOS Laboratories Company Limited, one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers, fragrance packaging company and supplier of beauty accessories, KARMART is well equipped to bring our research and development function to the next higher level and work towards international standards and certifications.

With the implementation of a 360-degree pervasive marketing strategy, KARMART will further intensify brand awareness and brand accessibility by going Above the Line (ATL) as well as Below the Line (BTL). The basis which guided the strategy lies in the fact that the success or failure of a cosmetic product comes from consumers’ confidence level, both in terms of brand image and product quality.

Moving forward, KARMART aims to invest more resources in strengthening brand recall/ brand recognition by choosing the right mix of advertising tools as well as timing and frequency. An appropriate mix of out-of-home medias and online medias that have influential impacts on consumer lifestyle and behavior, together with selection of the right brand endorsers that matches characteristics of KARMART brand in pursuit of advancing and leveraging KARMART brand image both as an organizational corporate identity as well as product and service attributes.

As a corporation, we believe that values are only sustainable if they benefit all aspects of the community a business operates in. Internally, ethics persist as fundamental basis of KARMART’s business and we plan to better oblige ethical decision-making through transparent work processes, critical management control and regular risk assessment together with forward-looking commitment on addition of value to company’s operations which augment shareholders’ value. The Company also has upheld social responsibility towards the communities as well as incorporating business cooperation with entrepreneurs, related parties, including those interested in steering or participating in projects which will lead to society development, prosperity and sustainability within and beyond Thailand.