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Karmarts Public Company Limited (KARMART) operates core businesses in the fields of import, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of cosmetics and consumer products on an international level under the ‘Unique Beauty Solution’ concept. Headed for the vision of becoming the exemplary brand that fulfills the infinite beauty desires of the mass population, the company steers its business towards success by constantly inventing new beauty innovations with distinct uniqueness which respond to all demands of modern women.

Domestic house brands whose trademark rights belong with KARMART: The company plans and executes the conceptualization and development of each brand through multinational product development teams across Thailand and abroad, effectively tapping on the teams’ solid insights in global trends and consumer behavior. This guarantees consistent creation of new innovative products which meet the imminent needs of target audiences across Asia and beyond. The principle aim of the business lies in the conception of new products, delivering aesthetic appeal and unique beauty solutions to customers, thereby allowing mass consumers to enjoy shopping for each and every category of beauty products to satisfy their customized needs. Underlying the foremost objective is KARMART’s commitment to deliver high-performance products globally at reasonable prices affordable to all.
The Company employs a diverse range of product development and sourcing methods that strike a balance between quality and cost considerations. This approach helps to instill flexibility in the sourcing process, hence better enabling KARMART to meet consumer demands and respond to competition. As a result, product groups are able to achieve continuous growth over time.
The scope of product development and sourcing is generally divided into 4 parts as follow:
  1. 3.1 Finished goods (FG) that are produced and imported from overseas, manufactured by world-class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) according to standards widely accepted by various leading cosmetic brands in order to ensure that the products meet our high standards for safety and quality.
  2. 3.2 Packaging: The Company packages imported products in-house at its factory, in adherence to GMP quality standards for packaging control. It also sources differentiated packaging materials according to product specifications, enabling better management of costs of procurement and labor more effectively.
  3. 3.3 Semi-finished goods that are not fully assembled overseas and imported into Thailand to complete assembly or undergo separate GMP-certified packing process. The procurement of semi-finished goods may contribute to either reduction in cost of production or speed to market.
  4. 3.4 Self-manufactured goods that are locally produced at in-house manufacturing facilities to reduce importation expenses while maintaining effective utilization of production capacity. Self-manufactured goods may also better fulfil escalating expectations in today's competitive retail environment. The Company's manufacturing facilities are GMP ISO 22716 certified, ensuring that beauty products manufactured in-house are produced in compliance with international standard. The Company also possesses a medical device manufacturing certification, placing it in a strong position to develop and manufacture medical device products which will continue to see sustainable demand in the foreseeable future.
In regards to channels of distribution, the company maintains a substantial distribution network nationwide encompassing both wholesale and retail sales, e.g., local cosmetic store, supermarket, pharmacy etc. Modern trade channels also constitute a strong arm in distribution and strategic collaborations have been established with various channels. Furthermore, KARMART operates the largest cosmetic franchise system in Thailand under the trade name “KARMARTS” and retails a captivating variety of beauty products marketed under various house brands of the company, all of which are managed centrally to reinforce the consistency of brand image, style and layout. Centralized operating systems responding to the consumer’s needs and wants are also implemented. As the outbreak of COVID-19 significantly reshaped the digital landscape, the company is now also focusing on multiple online platforms, for instance, Shopee, Lazada, and Konvy to boost its business growth and strengthen its leadership in the digital era.

Business worldwide

Sublime performance from within domestic market also drove KARMART to expand operations internationally. The expansion started with Southeast Asia and the company has established solid footprints in other Asian markets thus far, such as the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos and Philippines to date. The paramount goal of the company is to become “One of the Leading Branded Beauty Providers for Everyone Worldwide” and rise to Asia’s number one cosmetic player in the foreseeable future.






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