CSR Activities

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With Corporate Social Responsibility embedded in the heart of our corporate culture and mission statements, KARMART is committed to social responsibility and motivated to perform social service with a mindful conscious. We aim to consistently fulfill this responsibility by tapping on the strength of our internal teams and through collaboration with social entrepreneurs or any other body with a passion for social service. Such is the power as well as the key to the development of a progressive Thailand society with advancement that is sustainable throughout the years to come.

Throughout 2017, KARMART engaged in multiple CSR activities to drive contribution and awareness towards the less fortunate in the society. The company benefited 16 foundations with donations totaling approximately 3.2 million baht, and the beneficiaries are namely Foundation for Children with Disabilities, Royal Grandmother Mercy Project under the Royal Grandmother Charity Funding, SOS Children Foundation, Duang Prateep Foundation, Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women, Foundation for Orphan by The Thai Muslim Women Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, Foundation for Children Development, Chewitpattana Foundation Under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, Association for Promotion of Developmental Activities for Citizens and Public Health Of Thailand. Foundation for Rural Youth (FRY), The Foundation for the Deaf Under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, Foundation For the Better Life of Children, Baan Nokkamin Foundation, Thai National Aids Foundation, Suankaew Foundation.

Apart from these, KARMART also contributed to the lucky draw conducted during Red Cross Fair 2016 to Friend in Need (of “PA”) Volunteers Foundation, Thai Red Cross.