Advertising & PR Plan

Marketing Communication

Communication Channel

To maximize the impact of marketing communication, KARMART taps on a variety of communication channel for various forms of public relations and constantly tops up on mass communication channels in order to relay to a greater volume of receivers simultaneously. The selection of communication channels is based upon individual media’s ability to conform to the right mood and tone which emphasizes our unique, lively, playful and passionate brand image.
Print media

Integrated print media facilitates direct communication with all target consumers through advertisements in books and magazines, tie-in of products with selective columns and regular announcements of company’s public relation activities.

Television (TV) media

As one of the dominant media whose outreach spreads across gender, age and income level, TV Commercial (TVC) is one of primary communication tools KARMART engages to expand brand recognition locally and abroad. Thus far, the company has relied on both Free TV and Digital TV channels.

Out-of-home media
  • Multimedia Advertisement on Sky train (BTS) and Subway (MRT)

A form of well-recognized media, multimedia advertisement on BTS and MRT is another popular media KARMART has engaged because of its ability to reach target consumer groups rapidly in the city, including tourists. Tentatively, the company uses the same ad contents as TVC to increase brand awareness and recognition.

  • Mupi Ad media

Maximum Urban People Informed or Mupi is a small size ad media which can effectively build brand recognition. Available all around Bangkok and other big cities, this media offers coverage across every community and business area.

  • Billboard Ad media

Billboards are big outdoor ad media typically found along expressways or any form of passageways and can attract attention from afar. An effective tool at building brand recognition, this media is widely available along main streets and most of the popular locations locally e.g. main road intersections, big markets or crowded areas in Bangkok.

  • Digital Ad media

Digital ad media presents animated advertisement alike TVC, and are normally located in the community and business area. Therefore, KARMART uses the identical media content as with TVC to increase exposure of brand and products to target customers who are office workers and are exposed to media from their smart phones when commuting to work.

  • Mobility Ad media

Bus Wrap is one form of mobility ad media adopted by KARMART, whereby advertising sticker of the company’s brand and/or product fully covers the body of a vehicle. Accessible to the mass public as the buses travel across Thailand, it is an excellent tool for creating brand recognition across diverse geographic regions. The cosmos strategy is adopted in mobility ad media to utilize various bus routes around Bangkok and its surrounding provinces.

In view of the current digital age, the online media is a key communication channel which cannot be neglected as it most effectively reaches out to KARMART’s target consumers – the young and modern. Therefore, great focus and substantial resources are dedicated to online media. Starting last year, the company redirected marketing communication focus onto online platforms and launched a series of vital online events one after another, including Viral Video Clip, Product Review, Facebook Ad and Instagram Post across the following platforms:

  • Facebook: Karmartsclub, Cathy Doll, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Reunrom Spa Product, Crayon Cosmetics, Missha Thailand
  • Instagram: Karmartsclub, Babybrightclub, Jejuvita_supplement, Reunrom.spaproduct, Crayoncosmetics, Misshathailand, cathydollclub
  • Website:,
  • Youtube: Karmarts Club
  • Line Official: @KARMART

Marketing communication activities

2017 witnessed the showcase of many exceptional milestones of KAMART through events organized with the aim of better reaching out to KARMART supporters and the mass consumers, as well as enhance brand value and loyalty while boosting sales performance through promotions.

Karmarts Public Company Limited organized the grand event Cathy Doll’s 5 Years Anniversary to celebrate 5 years of success of Cathy Doll. The company strives to develop the products with new cosmetic innovations to offer wide varieties of products under the concept “Unique Beauty Solution” through varieties of distribution channels such as Karmart shop, cosmetic retailers, convenience stores, leading department stores, online platforms as well as in various Asian countries.

The event was held on 24th February 2017 at Siam Square One, BTS link area and was attended by various leading celebrities and presenters such as Boy Pakorn Chatborirak,the presenter of Aloe Snail Gel, Push Puttichai Kasetsin, the presenter of Invisible Sunscreen, Cris Horwag, the presenter of Ready 2 White series, Mario Maurer, the presenter of AA Cushion, Nongchat Chatchai Piangapichart, Master Tony Anant Chaiwong, Master Ying Yukolchat Chantakorn, the 3 eyebrow gurus who are the presenters of Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint, JJ Krisanapoom Pibulsongkram, the presenter of Oil Control Film Pact and Swiss Techapuwanon, the first presenter of Karmart who represents CC Cream. The event was honored by the presence of the special guest, Margie Rasri Balenciaga who led the Gold Mask parade. The event also featured shows by all famous presenters who called for crowd cheers with their exclusive performance.

Karmarts organized the launching event of Baby Bright White Plankton Matte Cushion SPF 50 PA++, the cushion that features the combination of sun protection to protect your beautiful skin from the harmful sun rays. It comes with a weightless texture that also helps control oil, smoothen the skin and offers natural radiance. Achieve the perfect matte complexion as the end result. The event also features the introduction of Aloe Snail Moist Cushion SPF 50 PA++ that comes with the combination of Aloe Vera to help soothe the skin as well as providing coverage and replenishing moisture to the skin. It also offers sun protection with SPF50 PA++ and comes with a lightweight texture that helps moisturize the skin while offering it a cooling sensation. The new presenter of Baby Bright, Margie Rasri Balenciaga was also introduced in the event which was held at 12 April 2018.

In line with KARMART’s status as an international beauty provider, the Asian Beauty Blogger Contest was organized across 8 Asian countries for the second time, in search for the best Asian beauty blogger and providing opportunities to all budding as well as professional beauty bloggers within the region to showcase their true talents in an intense contest. Following months of fierce competition, every participating country was represented by their prestigious champion who was then flown to Bangkok for the Grand Asian Finals and was widely publicized by various media agencies in Asia. The proud winner of this contest was not only featured across leading Thai magazines and online platforms, but also won themselves prestigious year-long product sponsorships and collaboration opportunities from KARMART.

Karmart organized sales promotion activities with Aloe Snail Gel to search for the lucky participant for the exclusive date with the handsome celebrity, Push Puttichai Kasetsin at Laemgate Restaurant on 26th September 2018.