Advertising & PR Plan

Marketing Communication

Communication Channel

To maximize the impact of marketing communication, KARMART taps on a variety of communication channels for diverse forms of public relations and to reach out to a greater volume of receivers simultaneously. The selection of communication channels is based upon individual media's ability to conform to the right mood and tone, selling points and benefits of the products, together with trademark symbol of each brand under KARMART's roof. A summary of communication channels adapted are as follows:
Print media

Integrated print media facilitates direct communication with all target consumers through advertisement in newspapers, books and magazines, tie-in of products with selective columns and timely broadcasts of company's public relation activities, along with media interviews to introduce and promote new products.

Television (TV) media (Focusing on TV Advertising)
  • TV Commercial

As one of the dominant mediums with outreach well-spreading across various gender, age and income levels, TV Commercial (TVC) is one of the primary communication tools KARMART undertakes to expand brand recognition locally and abroad. Thus far, the company has utilized both Free TV and Digital TV channels such as 33 HD, Thairath TV, New18, ONE, GMM, etc.

  • Product Placement

The product placement is an effective marketing strategy that establishes and reinforces brand awareness through the appearances in television, film, and other digital medias. In 2020, the company focused on the use of product placement in television shows as a result of which the brands received greater national presence.

  • Media Interview

Media interview is an essential part of KARMART's public relations campaign as it offers an excellent opportunity to showcase the company's portfolio and its new series of products.

Out-of-home media
  • Mupi Advertising media

Maximum Urban People Informed or Mupi is a small-scale advertising media which can effectively build brand recognition and is omnipresent in Bangkok and other big cities. This media offers coverage across all residential neighborhoods and commercial areas.

  • Transit Shelter Advertising

Transit shelter displays are outdoor advertising media that can attract attention from afar. A powerful tool in establishing recognition of brand, this media is normally available along main streets and most of the popular locations locally e.g. main road intersections, big markets or crowded areas in Bangkok.

  • Mobile Advertising Media

Bus Wrap is one form of mobile advertising media and is the general strategy adopted to utilize various bus routes around Bangkok, including its outskirts and surrounding provinces which are accessible to the mass public as the buses travel across diverse areas, making it an excellent tool to raise awareness of the brand.

In-house digitial ads

In view of the communication mechanics in modern digital age, online media, of which social media is the main focus, is a key communication channel used to prove the effectiveness of advertising and cannot be neglected as it is the most effective tool in reaching out to KARMART's target consumers – the young and modern. Hence, great focus and substantial resources are dedicated to online media. Starting from year 2018, the Company redirected marketing communication focus onto online platforms and launched a diversified portfolio of online events, including Short Film Commercial, Product Review, Facebook Ad, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok Post and Livestream Shopping. Online accounts for the above mentioned forms of online media are briefly elaborated as follows:

  • Facebook: Karmartsclub, Cathy Doll, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Reunrom Everyday, Skynlab_Official
  • Instagram: Karmartsclub, Babybrightclub, Jejuvita_supplement, Reunromeveryday, cathydollclub, Skynlab_Official,
  • Youtube: KarmartsClub
  • Line Official: @KARMART
  • Twitter : Cathydollclub, Babybrightclub, SKYNLAB_Official , Jejuvita_supplement
  • Tiktok : CathyDollclub, Babybrightclub, SKYNLAB_Official
Influencer and Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • Influencers/ KOLs
    • Beauty Blogger
    • Instagrammer
    • Youtuber
    • TikToker
    • Popular Facebook Page
    • Internet Idol
    • Beauty leaders on other websites
  • Online Advertising
    • YouTube
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter

Marketing communication activities

2020 witnessed the showcase of many exceptional milestones of KARMART through events organized with the aim of better reaching out to KARMART supporters and the mass consumers, elevating brand value and loyalty as well as boosting sales performance through promotions.

With the triumphant launch of movie premiering events "BABY BRIGHT x KRIST-SINGTO Destiny Calls" Season1 & 2 in Bangkok, along with wonderful feedback from fans of Krist – Peerawat Seangpothirat and Singto – Prachaya Reungroj, the 2 hottest actors of all time, BABY BRIGHT x KRIST-SINGTO Season 2 "Destiny Calls @CHIANGMAI" was held at Major Cineplex CentralFestival Chiangmai on 18 January 2020, with the ultimate aim of skyrocketing brand recognition in northern Thailand and escalating sales of Baby Bright's products such as powder foundation with UV protection and face serum. Honored by the attendance of both domestic and overseas fans, this event marked a substantial milestone in terms of marketing campaigns, taking brand awareness to the whole new level.

Hosted by one of Thailand's leading beauty stores HISO COSMETICS, this sales promotion and public relation event launched under BABY BRIGHT brand was held at HISO COSMETICS Lopburi branch on 21 February 2020 and was graced by the presence of renowned actress Patt – Napapa Tantrakul together with special guest Gulf - Kanawut Traipipattanapong, one of the most outstanding actors in Thailand. By simply purchasing the required cosmetic products including Baobab Comfort Moist Lipstick, Cotton Matte Lipstick, and Watermelon & Tomato Matte BB Cream SPF45 PA++, participants earn the chance to become one of the 8 lucky winners who will receive a quick makeover from Patt using Baby Bright's lipstick products and take an individual picture with Gulf. Filled with laughter and love coming from the support of an impressive number of fans and target audience, the event achieved considerable success, accomplishing its primary goals of increasing product sales and building brand awareness.

As a part of a sales promotion and public relation, Baby Bright co-organized with Eveandboy, a Thai leading beauty store, a Facebook Livestream focusing on COLOR LIPSTICKS products including Baobab Comfort Moist Lipstick and Cotton Matte Lipstick. The event was graced by Patt – Napapa Tantrakul, an all-rounded Thai celebrity who shared with us her secret makeup techniques, together with Minddmakeup, one of the trendsetting makeup artists of the year.

Date / Time / Venue: 3 July 2020, at Eyeandboy Siam Square 1 branch

Cathy Doll held a successful launch of a new skincare product and debuted Weir - Sukkolawat Kanarot as the new presenter of 3-formula peel-off mask series which are namely Whiteheads Cleansing Black Clay Mask, Blackheads Cleansing White Clay Mask, and Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip - all of which effectively remove impurities and clogged pores to achieve clear, brightened and firm skin. The debut event also introduced Jiraporn Buranapong or Saipan Sp as Cathy Doll's new presenter for Ultra Light Sun Fluid SPF50 PA++++, a paraben-free and colorant-free fluid sunscreen that shields skin from scorching UV rays and is formulated with Aloe Vera to deliver a radiant-looking complexion which makes one ready to face the glaring sun throughout the day! During the Q & A session, the two presenters exclusively shared their skincare regimen and secrets to achieve a perfect, acne-free skin with the attendees, along with useful tips and tricks to protect the skin against harmful sun rays and environmental assaults. Thereafter, the event was followed by a group photo session of KARMART's directors and the winners from "CLEAN & CLOSE UP" lucky draw activity.

Date / Time / Venue: 15 July 2020, Karmarts Public Co. Ltd., Headquarters at 17.30 - 18.30 h

ended beautifully with precious memories thanks to the participation of irresistible heart-throbbing presenters: Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth), Phiravich Attachitsataporn (Mean), and Rathavit Kijworaluk (Plan).

Date / Time / Venue: 1 February 2020, Chiangmai

was successfully organized and filled with countless unforgettable moments under the tremendous influence of the undeniably handsome presenters: Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth), Phiravich Attachitsataporn (Mean), and Rathavit Kijworaluk (Plan)

Date / Time / Venue: 15 February 2020, Khon Kaen

with Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth) representing Cathy Doll's eyebrow products.

Date / Time / Venue: Saturday, 2 May 2020 at Karmarts Public Co. Ltd., Headquarters.

Rathavit Kijworaluk was conducted as a virtual sales campaign to promote and increase the sales of Cathy Doll's evergreen hero product Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream SPF50+ PA+++.

Date / Time / Venue: Sunday, 19 July 2020 at Karmarts Public Co. Ltd., Headquarters

with "Bright – Vachirawit Chivaaree" and "Win – Metawin Opas-iamkajorn" ended on a successful note on Friday, 24 July, 2020, achieving the aim of promoting the latest Nude Matte series of products: Skin Fit Nude Matte Foundation, Skin Fit Nude Matte Foundation Pact Spf30 pa+++, Nude Matte Lipstick, Lip & Cheek Nude Matte Tint, Glow Gel Tint, and Nude Matte Blusher.

Date / Time / Venue: Friday, 24 July, 2020 at the grand ballroom, on the 1st floor of Anantara Siam Bangkok hotel

Cathy doll flawlessly delivered a new packaging launch event "Speed White CC Series" while introducing Peck – Palitchoke Ayanaputra as the new product presenter. The main objective was to promote Speed White CC products which are Speed White CC cream SPF 50 PA+++, Speed White CC powder pact SPF 40 PA+++ and CC Cushion Stick.

Date / Time / Venue: Sunday 8 October, 2020 at the meeting room 1 - 3, on the 7th floor of Iconsiam, Bangkok

Nicolene - Pichapa Limsnukan hosted an online giveaway on Anna Celebeauty's YouTube channel on 18 September, 2020 for the purpose of promoting Jejuvita's skin dietary supplements.

with Kao - Supassra Thanachat was conducted via Kao's Instagram [SUPASSRA_SP] on 18 September, 2020 to promote a sales campaign targeted to boost Jejuvita's products' sales.

On 2 October, 2020, Jejuvita organized a thought-provoking conference on the brand's marketing strategy in association with the numerous leading Traditional Traders at Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel. The interactive sessions were seamlessly conducted to deliver value to all present and Kao - Supassra Thanachat, the ambassador of Jejuvita, also shared her valuable expertise during the workshop.

Another marvelous Baby Bright event in 2020 was a sales promotion and public relation activity held in collaboration with LOVE YOU BEAUTY agent store at Chaiyaphum province. Brimming with joy and laughter, the event which took place on 3 August, 2020 was a spectacular success particularly because of the adorable fans and target customers who were eager to engage in multiple fun activities seeking for lucky winners to participate in exclusive segments with a beauty queen and multi-talented actress Pat – Napapa Tantrakul who represents Baby Bright's lipstick products namely Baobab Comfort Moist Lipstick and Cotton Matte Lipstick.

This mini exclusive meeting held by Baby Bright at Karmarts Public Co. Ltd., Headquarters was simultaneously broadcasted on the Facebook Page of the brand, aiming to increase Lipstick products' sales. Happening on 26 August 2020, and joined by charming presenter, Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun), the event ended smoothly, receiving fantastic feedback from the endearing fans, some of whom were selected as the lucky winners of an earlier competition event. Thanks to them, this close-up fan meeting event overflowed with love and happiness, certainly a memorable memory for all.

was executed with the participation of 4 leading actors from "A Chance to Love", a sequel to Love by Chance series: Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth), Phiravich Attachitsataporn (Mean), and Rathavit Kijworaluk (Plan), and Ravipon Sa-Nga worawong. The key objectives were to enhance brand recognition as well as raising product sales, all of which were well achieved by the end of the event.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

With Corporate Social Responsibility viewed as a core aspect of our corporate culture which is also critically reflected in the Company's mission statements, KARMART is committed to responsibility to the society at large and motivated to perform social services on a continuous basis. We aim to consistently fulfil our responsibility by utilizing internal teams and through collaboration with external social entrepreneurs or any other entity with a passion for giving back to the society. We firmly believe CSR is the key to a progressive Thailand society that can sustain developments in the long run.

Throughout 2020, KARMART engaged in multiple CSR activities to contribute and raise awareness towards the less fortunate in the society. Owing to the announcement of a mandatory use of face masks stemming from the ongoing spread of COVID-19, people are required to wear mask on a daily basis in public sphere and, as a result, resulted in a dramatic shortage of the product which impacted the healthcare system significantly. Acknowledging the importance of face masks, KARMART took immediate action in response to the critical shortage of surgical masks. On 7 December 2020, Mr. Wiwat Theekhakhirikul, the Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board and Mr. Wongwiwat Theekhakhirikul, Assistant Managing Director - Management and Business Development, together with Mean - Phiravich Attachitsataporn, a renowned multi-talented actor from famous TV series "A Love By Chance" jointly donated 100,000 pieces of face masks in the name of SKYNLAB brand to the Siriraj Hospital Foundation to help alleviate the stress of medical professionals who work on the front lines against the great pandemic.

Furthermore, we also made a donation of BABY BRIGHT and SKYNLAB products in collaboration with an all-rounded Thai actress and model Pu - Praya Lundberg to the needy groups of the society which were tremendously affected by the unprecedented pandemic, such as the low-income earners, the indigent and the elderly living in impoverished rural areas across the capital.

Apart from the above, the company also partnered with casts from "A Chance To Love" series to donate personal care and hygiene products, including toothpaste sachets to Donchan Temple in Chiangmai province on behalf of SKYNLAB brand.