Marketing & Sales

In summary, KARMART focuses on 5 distribution channels in relation to sales and marketing:

Modern Trade

Presently, KARMART distributes through the following modern trade channels:

  • Convenience Store

Convenience stores offer advantages with the mass number of branches and the convenient locations. Our existing partners in this aspect include 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Jiffy, Big C Mini, Lotus Express, Pure, Tops Daily, Lawson 108, etc.

  • Supermarket / Hypermarket and Discount Store

Listed under this category are retail megastores which focus on offering wide variety of products from moderate to high quality with affordable prices to the mass markets. In addition, KARMART's partners in this category include Tops, Home Fresh Mart, Gourmet Market, Food Hall, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro, etc.

  • Specialty Store

Focusing on consumables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, skin care and hair care products, specialty stores are gaining popularity from the middle and upper market segments in view of their friendly service, convenient locations and up-to-date product offerings. In addition, KARMART is currently working with Watsons, Boots, Tsuruha, SE-ED, B2S, Beautrium, EVEANDBOY, Stardust, Beauty Market, Pure, Nai In, KING-POWER, etc.

Furthermore, KARMART also distributes products in pharmacies for special groups of customers such as the health-conscious market segment. Unique diet supplementary and pharmaceutical products are continuously selected to cater to this distribution channel.

  • Catalogs

Focusing on general consumers, unique products well suited to the mass markets are selected for publication and sales via catalogs such as Friday Catalog, 7-Catalog, etc.


KARMART shops nationwide

KARMART shops focus on retail sales and operate as cosmetic stores under a multi-brand concept, presenting all KARMART beauty products under one roof, thereby giving rise to a One-Stop-Service beauty center. Consistent interior decoration comprising the corporate shocking pink shade is put in place to present a standard brand image to consumers.

KARMART shop is an important channel for the company, ensuring easy and convenient access to all KARMART products in mass markets. It is also a key channel through which the company continuously study consumer needs and build customer relationships, which is a strong factor to building brand loyalty successfully. Therefore, the company places great attention on organizing promotional activities for KARMART members regularly.

In addition, KARMART shops has 2 business models which are franchise system whereby entrepreneurs or franchisees assume the role of shop operators, conclude outright sales with the company and possess discrepancy to implement customized marketing activities or offer discounts as per the need of individual KARMART shop. Franchisees are also entitled to adopt monthly promotional directives from the company. Every branch implements Point-of-Sale system centrally linked to the company and data feeds are analyzed by the company to offer management support for each and every franchisee. Sales operating system officer who possesses KARMART Shop management experience will be presented in each branch as well as providing technical store management support and ensure operations comply with the standards laid down by the company.

At present, there are a total of 66 KARMART shops nationwide, of which 28 branches are standalone or retail shops, and 32 branches are in department stores’ beauty hall zone such as The Mall and Robinson. Moreover, KARMART plans to launch over 20 new branches in the form of standalone shops in department stores nationwide.

Traditional Trade or Dealer

Despite the rapid expansion of modern trade channel in the past year, the traditional trade channel remains a key sales generator for the company, thanks to the hard works which went into building the distribution network since 2009.

The remarkable network of traditional trade distributors aggregates to approximately 800 and spread extensively across the country. The following are 2 main traditional trade distributors:

  • Retailers: Cosmetic shop retailer and local supermarket, convenience store, pharmacies, hair salons, etc.
  • Wholesalers: Cosmetic shop wholesaler and consumer products megastore, etc.


Ventures into overseas export markets are carefully strategized following in-depth market analysis and the company went great lengths to expand our household brands internationally. Export partners or potential business partners are generally divided into 3 groups: Sole Distributor, Distributor, and Joint Venture. At present, KARMART has successfully secured 11 distributorships in overseas markets such as Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and India, while establishing joint ventures in China, Vietnam and Malaysia.


2 types
of online channels have been made available at the present

Social Media is currently the most important tool influencing consumers’ buying behavior, and KARMART ensures our marketing efforts successfully infiltrate the internet and tap on vast product information, thus enabling consumers to shop with the greatest convenience anywhere at any time. Therefore, the company designs and builds the online sales channels upon two critical founding aspects:

  • Ability to provide prompt responses to meet customer needs
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationship with customers as well as increasing brand loyalty
There are 2 types of online channels have been made available at the present:
  • KARMART Online Store:
    • Instagram: Karmarts_onlineshop
    • Line: Karmarts_onlineshop
  • Online Partner Store: Shop@7, Lazada, Wear You Want, Robinson Online, Zalora, Weloveshopping, Shoppee and Line Shop etc.