Our Brands

Product Characteristics

KARMART offers a wide range of over 1,000 beauty products under our in-house brand names, as detailed below:

Cathy Doll: Just play it!

“Cathy Doll” is a signature brand of KARMART’s that revolutionizes the beauty industry to fulfill varying beauty needs and preferences. The brand seeks to deliver maximum enjoyment and satisfaction with vivacious and unique beauty products that offer all-rounded beauty from head to toe. A leader of trendsetting innovation, the brand is well-suited for modern girls who pursue chic and edgy look filled with positivity, open-heartedness, a touch of playfulness yet adorable and charming, alike the playful personality of Cathy Doll, and motivates all girls to reveal their profound beauty with confidence. Cathy Doll offers a diverse range of product choices as follows:

  • Facial Care and Cleanser
  • Body Care and Cleanser
  • Makeup
  • Beauty Accessories
  • Body Fragrance Products

After more than a decade since first launched, Cathy Doll continues to evolve and expand its product lines to meet all customer needs. In the past year, the brand successfully launched several new products in the facial care category under the "Bright Up Series" to strengthen its leadership in product category related to skin brightening.

Baby Bright: Gift from Nature

Pure natural powers from Jeju Island giving rise to miraculous skin and represent the gift from nature is the inspiration for the innovative skin care lines launched under “Baby Bright”. An invaluable gift that pampers and nourish the skin through the combination of beauty secrets from nature, products under the brand also effectively revive the skin’s glow and reveal supple and youthful appearance. All in all, this brand perfectly soothes the skin with mildness and offers gentle benefits to all skin types. Baby Bright offers a wide range of product choices as follows:

  • Facial Care and Cleanser
  • Body Care and Cleanser
  • Makeup
  • Body Fragrance Products

In 2022, Baby Bright brand teamed up with Thammachart Seafood Retail, an established Thai seafood importer for over 15 years, to develop Healthiful Collagen Lip Tint. This is the first time in the Thai cosmetics industry that key ingredients, such as collagen from salmon and trout, were used to create a single beauty product which combines both beauty and natural ingredients. This not only expanded the brand's customer base, but also strengthens the Company’s image as a beauty brand that prioritizes natural nourishment.

Boya: Professional Care

Let ‘BOYA’ take you to the next level of professional skin care regimen, embracing you with new experiences of innovative and aesthetic beauty treatments that cater to all hair and body nourishment needs with nurturing extraction from Japan, creating inspiration for all to showcase beauty with confidence. The exclusively selected nutrients from superior flora and high technology gave rise to the creation of powerful treatments that effectively pamper one’s body from head to toe, positioning the products as breakthroughs in skin care innovations which enable one to unveil healthy-looking complexion and hair with ideal and imperishable illuminating luminosity. Boya offers a wide range of products as follows:

  • Body Care and Cleanser
  • Hair Care

Jejuvita: Beauty is yummy

Nutritious food is known to be unwelcomed by the taste buds and this gave rise to the creation of dietary supplement products which are perfect in terms of both nutrition and taste - Jejuvita. Taking inspiration from healthy beauties who not only look good but feel good from within, Jejuvita offers a good variety of supplements which are beneficial to the body and aims to deliver beauty from within. The brand comes with easy-to-take and on-the-go supplements to balance the nutritional needs of modern consumers and sets out to convince that beauty can certainly be yummy! Jejuvita offers a huge range of product choices as follows:

  • Weight Loss Dietary Supplement
  • Skincare Dietary Supplement
  • Detoxifying Dietary Supplement

Reunrom: Everyday happiness

A lifestyle and spa series founded upon preservation of Thai heritage and seeks to combine ancient and modern Thai skin care methodologies with the use of Thai herbs, Reunrom bears close resemblance to ancient household remedies and yet is well positioned in the modern world and comprises products to offer 4 types of happiness as follows:

1. Happiness of delighted consumers
  • With exquisite product designs and visible benefits, Reunrom sets out to delight consumers and deliver happiness through every use of the products.
2. Happiness embedded in Fair Price & Fair Trade
  • With fairness comes happiness. From Thai agriculturists to factories, retailer, consumers and the community at large, Reunrom seeks to spread happiness in the society through delivery of fine quality ingredients to creation of employment for the community as well as distribution of supreme quality products at fair prices for all.
3. Happiness in sharing with and contributing towards the society
  • As a socially responsible corporation, Reunrom is yet another addition to KARMART’s efforts in contributing back to society through consistent donations of portions of commercial profit to charity organizations.
4. Happiness in promoting Thai Tourism and Culture
  • The happiness and pride in promoting Thai tourism and culture to the world through products that feature unique formulas and packaging inspired by ancient Thai traditions.

    In addition, Reunrom scented products also depict trails of authentic Thai traditional fragrances and the brand provides outstanding adaptations of Thai cultures to create exceptional products in the following categories:

    • Body Care
    • Scented Products
    • Hair Care

Over the past year, the popular brand maintained outstanding momentum in terms of product development and received excellent feedback from customers, particularly for its leadership in the fragrance sector. Moreover, the brand successfully expanded its product range to rise to become one of the top manufacturers of therapeutic fragrances.

Crayon: Coloring your life

A professional makeup line with varieties of colors that offer exclusive shine in your style. The brand can transform a plain-looking middle-aged lady into a chic and modern lady in unique and professional ways. Allowing you to be confident with every movement and offering perfection, it also comes with lively colors to add excitement to monotonous life. Therefore, the brand attracts ladies who wish to have maximum enjoyment with its unique, outstanding and charming makeup line in the style of Crayon that offers you a colorful life.

  • Makeup

Cathy Choo: Boutique Fusion Spa

A fusion spa product line crafted out of impressive journeys to the east, west and various parts of the world coupled with the seamless blend of Thai spa and natural scents from spices, herbs, floral, woods and fruits, Cathy Choo caters to one’s personal care and beauty needs. The brand also offers benefits of sensual and emotional therapy through relaxation delivered by spa products which elegantly reflect rich spa cultures around the world. Delicate floral and herbal fragrances as well as sophisticated packaging that provides luxurious visual sensation are some distinctive points of Cathy Choo which offers product choice as follows:

  • Body Care
  • Body Cleanser


With prime quality and advanced scientific formulation backed by premium laboratories, SKYNLAB seeks to provide luxurious oral wellness, special acne care targeted at sensitive skin and personal care among modern population. Product offerings under this brand are developed by industry experts through scientific research to solve targeted problems without engaging substances that could cause collateral harm while providing benefits and include the following categories:

  • Oral Care
  • Acne and Sensitive Skin Care
  • Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Mask

Besides its oral care and sensitive skin product lines, Skynlab understands the significance of creating products that cater to the “new normal” lifestyle and adapting to the COVID-19 situation. As a result, Skynlab came up with essential products that respond to the needs of everyday life, such as face masks and hand sanitizers. This development reflects the brand’s versatility to adjust to changing business climate and reflects the Company’s strategy to align all brands to ever-changing market needs.

KEUMYON: Secret of Beautiful Hair

"Keumyon" is a specialty haircare brand that combines beauty secrets of classical Korean court ladies with advanced innovations of modern-day technologies to produce ultra-gentle & easy-to-use hair and scalp products for all women at affordable prices. This line of exquisite products is formulated with carefully selected nurturing agents that provide deep repair, reinforcement and restoration of hair’s strength, luster and shine. Set to deliver the ultimate haircare experience for everyone, Keumyon boosts of one’s self confidence and empowers users to stand out from the crowd. The brand offers product choices as follow:

  • Hair-coloring product
  • Hair care


Inspired by the daily woes associated with dishwashing, 7 Clean is a household cleanser brand marketed under the concept "Clean and Safe", featuring 7 distinctive cleansing characteristics: (1) Sparkling Clean (2) Ultra-Clean (3) Shine-Boosting (4) Pleasantly Fragrant (5) Refreshing (6) Grease-Reducing (7) Anti-Bacterial. In addition to professional packaging, 7 Clean products are expertly infused with a fine selection of ingredients safe and gentle on the hands. This new brand offers product choices as follows:

  • Dishwashing products
  • Hand sanitizer spray

7 Clean is also in the process of developing new household products and formulations in compliance with 7 key characteristics of the brand and has plans to launch new cleaning innovations in the near future.


Specializing in makeup products for eyes and brows, Browit is the ultimate cosmetic specialty brand created in collaboration with Mr. Chatchai Peangapichart, who is also known as “Nongchat”, one of the most outstanding makeup artists in Thailand. Working alongside numerous Thai celebrities and super stars, Nongchat has translated his decade of rich experience and expertise in the beauty industry into easy-to-use eye and brow innovations, offering high performance and quality products at affordable prices with the goal of assisting modern ladies to achieve professional brows as though hand-drawn by himself! The brand provides a range of products, including:

  • Brow and eye makeup product
  • Beauty accessories

In the past year, the brand continuously developed and introduced to the market high-quality new products, receiving positive feedback and recognition from a growing customer base.


Tha by Nongchat is yet another beauty brand that is jointly developed by Mr. Chatchai Peangapichart, who is also known as “Nongchat”, one of the most prominent Thai makeup artists, and KARMART, a leading beauty provider and household brand in Thailand. With a firm belief that natural goodness is the best for one’s skin, the brand offers a wonderful selection of nature-derived products that are free from harmful chemical components, making it a perfect fit for health-conscious ladies in search of cosmetic and skincare products to enhance their beauty naturally. The brand offers various product options as follows:

  • Makeup product
  • Skincare product and facial cleanser


Make every day the best day with Intimi, a premium cosmeceutical brand designed to solve intimate hygiene problems with tailored precision and dermatologically tested to ensure highest safety and quality assurance. Developed in partnership with “Euranong Tongtub, MD.”, owner of the renowned “Morkepkai” Facebook Page, Intimi delivers enhanced credibility and trustworthiness to all consumers. Currently, the product line includes:

  • Intimate care products
  • Underarm and bikini line care solutions


Lipit's journey began with the search for a solution to a seemingly unresolvable problem - poor lip health. Nutt Nisamanee, also known as "Nutt Sabudprang," is a highly influential makeup artist and YouTube content creator with an impressive makeup portfolio. Her contents, which include makeup tutorials, have evolved as top trends on various social media platforms. However, Nisamanee has been struggling with severe lip-related problems. This inspired her to create her own brand which aims to meet the needs of consumers seeking expert lip care from professionals who understand their real concerns.